How to Paint Skirting Boards?

A shabby room is never liked by anyone. Take the best of the furniture to a room and let the walls be shabby, I bet won’t find peace. But, homes are like that. They go wear and tear, especially the Skirting Boards. They are made with the intention of saving any damage to the walls and flooring by sudden strikes of furniture etc.

But thanks to the paints, Skirting Boards can be given a new look, glittering and tidy. There are a variety of paints available in the market which can renovate the Skirting Boards. Some of the specific Skirting Boards like MDF Skirting Boards do take colours so well that they seem natural and aesthetic.

Here is how the Skirting Boards are painted: -

· Sanding: - The Skirting Boards are firstly made smooth and any out of shape or imperfection is removed with the help of Sanding. The scuffs are also removed and the surface is prepared for painting.

· Cleaning: - After Sanding, the boards are cleaned off the dust which might have accumulated due to Sanding. A Vacuum is the best option to clean the boards as it can remove all the dust from even small pores. You can also wash the boards.

· Prepare for Painting: - When the boards are complete dry, prepare for the painting by selecting an appropriate area where it is convenient and the paint that sprinkles away from the board does not make the surrounding dirty. You can use a cover or a sheet and place the board on it, to avoid any paint scatter.

· Prime: - After you have covered all the required area, take a brush and paint and start painting. Take care of all the details and fill up all the pores and cavities. The paint should cover the board completely.

It has been observed that of all the Skirting Boards, MDF Skirting Boards are easy to paint as their texture is very paint friendly.